Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Ching Chong Beautiful. WTF?

So there's this new internet flash game called Ching Chong Beautiful. Yes, that's right. That's the actual title. At this day and age, where people are meant to be slightly more sensitive and culturally aware, some idiots decide to make a game with an incredibly racist name. Go figure. Oh, but it gets better. Here's a short introduction from the game's website:

"The game features the new High Scores system and Newgrounds medals! So go grab some green tea, get drunk on sake, and maybe poach some whales if there's time...the Bang Wong Fishhead Corporation challenges you to defeat Mr.Beautiful's ancient obstacle course: Ching Chong Beautiful!"

O.M.G. *groan*

*face palm*

Despite this, if you somehow manage to overlook the overtly offensive stereotypes, caricatures and racial slurs, the game play is apparently good. I can't be arsed playing it, but go ahead.

To play the game go here.
To read an interesting article from Racialicious about it go here.
And to read another interesting aricle about the "Orientalist riff" (which they make a reference to) go here.

And I thought "Ching Chong" was Chinese. Not Japanese. Oh well, all Asians look the same, eh?

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