So, what's this blog about?
This blog was started after a crappy day at work. It was used as an outlet for me because at the time, I didn't have anyone I could really whinge to. It's pretty much remained as a place where I can share my anger about all sorts of things. I also use it to upload cartoons (not necessarily of a rantful nature, but generally cynical and hopefully humourous).

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I rant and draw cartoons based on my everyday life, so everything from travelling around the world to working in a pharmacy dispensary.

How do you draw your cartoons? Do you use a computer or something?
I draw everything by hand using random ballpoint pens and my sketchbook. Once they're done, I then take a photo of it using my digital camera (I don't have a scanner), then using MS Picture Manager (yeah I don't have fancy software) I try and correct the images as best I can. That's about it! Hence the poor quality.

How frequently do you update?
It depends. Generally, really sporadically and when I feel like it.

Wow! I really like your rants &/or cartoons. How can I show my love for them?
I dunno. You can always leave a comment either on my blog or on facebook. Thanks!

Are you really such a bitter, angry, cynical person?
Yeh, probably. But I don't show it most of the time.

What makes you the most angry?
Too many things to mention. Ignorance, injustice, racism, bigotry, arrogance etc.
I have a question/ comment/ idea. What should I do?
Contact me: edwincktan@hotmail.com