Monday, 29 August 2011

"newayz...yeh....blogs are sucky"

Phenytoin vs Fosphenytoin Edwin Tan (c) 2011

Tagline: "Sometimes drug interactions are the drug."

Man, time sure flies. I drew this back when I was a bright-eyed, eager-to-learn, world-is-my-oyster, final year undergrad. How times have changed. But I guess my lame sense of humour hasn't.

I was such a newb. Or noob. Or nubcake. But for even more evidence of my n00bishness go here. It's way n00b - I was a third year, can you blame me? The language is atrocious. tsk tsk.

Remember that, Alex Chen??

PS - I have no idea if I've used the term "noob" and it's derivatives in the right context. If I haven't, sue me.


Simon said...

Nice study notes, Ed! These will come in handy soon :P

alex said...

Yeah, I do agree with you, can't believe there is such a huge difference between THEN and NOW..