Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Bold and the 'ceutical: A Pharmacy Soap Opera

By Edwin Tan (c) 2009

Juanita the pharmacist. Raoul the technician. A forbidden love affair.

Although pharmacy departments have their fair share of drama and politics, I doubt they'll be the basis for a television series any time soon. Sigh. We have dramas about doctors, lawyers, policemen, highschoolers, teachers, housewives, office workers, dentists, drug dealers, fashion designers, journalists, psychics, angels, mathematicians...the list goes on. But no shows about pharmacists.

Are we really that boring?

PS - Not sure if I need to explain the post title. Clue: "The Bold and the Beautiful" meets "Pharmaceutical". Get it? I hate explaining jokes.


Fran said...

Hahahaha. Ed, is this something that happened to you as a tech in the UK?

Because in the next epidsode, Raoul can return and reveal that he is not a 'tech' but a fully fledged Pharmacist in disguise and that he was testing Juanita's love for him. Now he's not so sure.....

And the drama continues..... :)

Hey, at least the general public know what Pharmacists do. Radiographers? What do they do?? service radios? hahahah

Ed said...'re in the wrong career! You should be a soap opera writer! Stop radiographing (or whatever u do :P) and start writing!