Sunday, 27 September 2009

Read The Shirt

By Edwin Tan (c) 2009

Passport. Check.
Travel insurance. Check.
Airplane tickets. Check.
Foreign currency. Check.
Toothbrush. Check.
"I'm Not Japanese" T-shirt...*GASP!*

Are you an Asian who isn't Japanese? Are you sick of being called Japanese whenever you travel? Are you tired of people asking if you want a Japanese audioguide or saying "Konichiwah" to you in the street? Are you slightly angered when a person bows to you in a patronising manner?

Then this is the T-shirt for you! Now available in 13 different languages so you'll never have to endure another "Japon, Japon!" again!

The "I'm Not Japanese" T-shirt - Don't leave the country without it!


Tung said...

lol....i usually get chinese or malaysian...very rarely do i get japanese....and even less often is viet. odd?

Ed said...

lol. ur totally viet...