Monday, 3 August 2009

Every Colour You Can Dream Of

I don't like Today Tonight. And I don't know why I watch it. It's always the same old stupid stories:
  • Some lady who lost a heap of weight and she reveals her secret diet tips;
  • Some horror house on a suburban street where the neighbours complain about the resident(s) hoarding rubbish/ being noisy/ squatting;
  • Some racially offensive story about how immigrants (non-white immigrants that is) are ruining the country
  • Some story about how to save money (groceries, house prices, fashion etc)
  • Some scare-tactic, pseudo-scientific report about how what we eat/drink/do is giving us cancer/killing us
  • Some interview with the latest C-grade celebrity
  • Some Dancing with the Stars "drama"
(Choose three from the above and you have the basic formula for a 23 minute show)

In tonight's programme, the Today Tonight team decided to go with the racist story option titled "Marriage Scams"! (Insert dramatic music here). In case you missed this revelating story, here's a summary:

Basically, TT states that "one of the favourite methods illegal immigrants use to scam permanent residency is to catch and marry single Aussies". It then tells us the story of some guy in Darwin who was supposedly "targeted" by a Thai woman. They met, married, she got pregnant, their relationship turned sour and now they're divorced with the woman looking after their three-year-old daughter. The guy claims that the woman "loved Australia" and that he "was just the stepping stone to get there."

Ok, fine. Now let's look at what the guy says about the girl: "I've always liked Asian women and she was very clean, she wasn't a working girl, she was a very good cook, very good in the house." Ok, so you have an Asian fetish great. But then you go and pull out the negative stereotypes by calling her "clean" and not a "working girl" as if implying all Thai women are hookers. Then you go on to say she's a good cook and good around the house. So are you being sexist in general? Or is it just Asian women who make good maids?
So now we form an impresson of this guy - the type of guy who believes women should be restricted to the kitchen and are designed only for cooking, cleaning and the rearing of offspring. Great. What a catch, hey ladies?

So when our awesome TT reporter goes and interviews this Thai woman scammer, she explains that the marriage broke down because her ex-husband (the chauvanistic pig) "was no great catch". No sh*t. Like seriously. TT even admit that "The Department of Immigration looked at Mr Forsyth's (the Aussie guy) claims and found no evidence to support the suggestion there had been any kind of marriage scam or fraud." Because looking at the facts, there was no scam. So how exactly is the Thai woman in the wrong? She had a kid with the guy for christsake and is raising her herself. And she had a legitimate reason for leaving that bogan.

The TT team then tell us "some Thai women lead desperate lives and marrying a western man is sometimes their best hope out of hardship and misery." Yes very true, I agree. They then refer to a documentary that deals with the subject. And the title of the doco? "My Husband the Sex Tourist". That's right. Sex tourist. Now, I interpret that to mean: "sleazy, old white guy who preys on young, attractive Asian women". Ha! You left out that minor detail, Today Tonight! So, Mr.I'm-old-and-unattractive-but-for-some-reason-I-pull-these-young-Asian-birds, think twice about whether it's "true love" and if you should be tying the knot. Like seriously - does she really love you for your pot belly and lousy personality? Or for your wallet and Aussie citizenship? Gah! Use some commonsense and think with your head for once.

The next story they mention is about an Aussie woman who married a man off the internet. This one seems more scammy (the guy ran off after the two year "probation period" and he already had a wife in his home country) so I feel sorry for the lady. But because she wanted to make herself anonymous, TT not only darkened her face, but also gave her this squeaky, high-pitched voice which made the whole thing seem really comical. Poor thing. But then she goes on to say about the guy's first wife: "I know her first name, I can't pronounce it because it's some Muslim name and I'm not racist by any means and I must stress that." Oh no! She said the dreaded "I'm not racist"! Gah! Don't you know that means you are racist? Luckily you didn't add the equally detrimental, "Some of my best friends are [insert minority group]". You Silly Billy.

Anyway, I must congratulate Today Tonight on producing a story that wasn't as racist as some of their previous ones - you know the one I'm talking about...about how Asians are taking over and don't know what pavlova is or who Don Bradman was. But to change the subject ever so slightly, don't you just love the new Target ad? I am! Perhaps Today Tonight could learn from it coz the world is made up of "Every Colour You Can Dream Of". And that includes all shades of yellow.

Here's the youtube link for the Target ad:

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