Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Prescribing Cascade

Thanks to Scott for this cartoon idea!


Henry said...

Hey Edwin,

Am just wondering, were you having these medications in mind:-

White - Amlodipine

Yellow - Frusemide

Blue - Amitriptyline

Tan - Galantamine

Pink - Promethazine

Plus, I can't seem to figure out the Orange pill description?

Would you mind shedding some light on it, please?

Ed said...

Hi Henry,
Sorry for the late reply - I don't usually check the comments on here that often! Here are the tablets:

The prescribing cascades here are white (amlodipine) --> yellow (furosemide) --> blue (oxybutynin) --> tan (donepezil) --> pink (diphenhydramine) --> orange (methylphenidate) --> white (amlodipine).

Note: the pharmacist who provided me with this cartoon idea is American, hence some of the medications might be a bit different.

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Tisha Sharp said...

May I use your cartoon? I think it showcases the need to incorporate PGX testing to decrease polypharmacy issues, ADR, cost and of course, hospitalizations and death.