Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Inflight entertainment

Air Asia inflight entertainment By Edwin Tan (c) 2012

It will also include a rude, arrogant person sitting next to you who will steal the armrest even though your arm is on it and put their feet up in the gap between the seats in front of you so you can't put your tray table down. And after this treatment, the person will then ask to borrow your pen to fill in their immigration card. And you will kindly refuse. Because they're a massive prick.

And instead of purchasing an inflight meal, the person will then take down their carry-on luggage from the overhead locker and produce a plastic bag of no less than six chappatis from which he will then proceed to make a chappati sandwich, akin to a layer cake. He will then consume this layer cake of chappatis with great vigour.

Yes, there's a reason why Air Asia is cheap.

And it's nearly impossible to book a flight on their website when there's a sale on.

Air Asia - Now everyone can fly. Even dumbarse bogans.

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