Sunday, 10 January 2010

Abercrombie and Bitch

By Edwin Tan (c) 2010

So there's a fairly massive Abercrombie and Fitch store in central London. A friend of mine wanted to check it out on our way home, so we got off at Picadilly Circus and made our way there. We arrived at the entrance of the swanky looking building and as soon as I entered, it hit me all at once. The place was so incredibly, ridiculously superficial and pretentious. Like god, it made me want to run out screaming. But I took a few deep breaths (whilst simultaneously inhaling lungfuls of their signature Abercrombie and Fitch fragrance), and made my way into the foyer. First thing I see - the entire wall infront of me is covered in more six packs than a bottle-o. Abs, abs everywhere. Rippling muscles. Taut, serious faces. And they're just the advertisments. I take a few more steps. The place is full of good looking sales assistants - beautiful, slender girls and buffed up guys, both sexes fashioning carefully quaffed hair and slim fitting checkered shirts. And they joke and laugh and smile so intensely you think they're about to have an aneurysm. Oh, and they dance too. They dance to the ridicious dance music that is pumped over the speakers - I wasn't really sure if I was in a clothes store or an upmarket club. I'm guessing it was a store since they didn't ask for my ID.

We walked around abit. The clothes were overpriced with the A&F brand name splashed across everywhere. When my friend asked a sales assistant where the sale items were, she replied condescendingly, "We don't do sales." OMG.

I felt so incredibly out of place there - a store full of good looking people, expensive branded clothes and no sales bins. It was like I had entered another dimension. It definitely was a step up from Primark.
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I just don't get what all the fuss is about though. Why do people care so much about a brand name? Why do people put so much effort into such superficial things? Oh well, let the beautiful people have their fun. I'm happy contributing to society in a way that actually matters - by arguing with people about why they need to pay £ 7.20 for one Flagyl suppository.

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