Tuesday, 1 December 2009

How Crap is your Dispensing Software?

Compu'er says no! Is your pharmacy's dispensing software as crap as mine? Take the quiz!

1. Your dispensing software is:

A. Windows based
B. DOS based.
C. Some really weird and stupid combination of the two that results in things not working when two windows are running at the same time.

2. Your patient hospital numbers usually consist of:
A. Seven numbers
B. One letter followed by six numbers
C. A random combination of numbers, letters and backslashes that make them sound like chemical compounds

3. When you wish to delete something whilst typing out a label, you use this key:

A. "Delete"
B. "Backspace"
C. "F11"

4. When you wish to reprint a label, you:

A. Select the "Reprint" option
B. Select the "Print additional label" option
C. Log off the program, log into a different program, retype the entire label again and then print it

5. When the program asks you if something is "OK?", you:
A. Click on the "OK" button
B. Press "Enter"
C. Actually have to type the letters "O" and "K" then press "Enter"

6. To move up a line or field, you:

A. Press the "up arrow" key
B. Use your mouse
C. Press "Shift" and "6" together then "Enter"

7. You need to type in your password
A. When logging in
B. Once labels for the whole script are ready to be printed
C. After dispensing each and every item

8. When using a shortcut to search for a medication, the most important information to enter is the:
A. Drug name
B. Drug strength
C. Pack size

9. You find the dispensing codes and shortcuts:
A. User friendly
B. Efficient and time saving
C. dfs984F@3\

10. Your dispensing program believes in this old adage about human error:
A. "Everyone makes mistakes"
B. "To err is human"
C. "If you make a mistake, I will make your life a living hell"

11. Your biggest complaint about your dispensing software is:
A. The font
B. It crashes sometimes
C. It makes you slightly more jaded with each passing day

If you answered mostly "A" or "B", then what are complaining about? Trust me, you've got it made. So no complaints from you "iPharmacy", "Winifred" or "Ascribe" folk. Heck, even "JAC" and "Merlin" are pretty good.

If you answered mostly "C", then I guess you're probably using "PIMs". Good luck to the both of us.

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Best description ever!