Saturday, 7 November 2009

If Pharmacists Worked In Fashion

By Edwin Tan (c) 2009

Jeggings. Heh heh. Everyone knows what jeggings are, right? A combination of jeans and leggings. Pssh..and you call yourself fashion savvy?

And that "fashion faux pas" I'm referring to in the fourth panel is combining blue and green, coz "blue and green should never be seen". Amirite?

Yep, and that's all I know.


Yuey said...

Hi Ed,

Love your work, good to see another Asian Australian blog. Just wondering whether you have any Asian Australian comic strips? I would like to post these on my blog and link it to your site.


Ed said...

Hey Yuey,

Thanks, I'm glad you like my stuff. I've got some cartoons/rants to do with being an Asian whilst travelling etc. Have a look through my blog. And that's fine if u wanna use them and link it back here. What's ur blog?


Yuey said...

That's great! I will have a look regularly. My blog is asiansdownunder on blogger.