Thursday, 19 November 2009

The 15th Cartoon Art Trust Awards

Just a quick update. The 15th Cartoon Art Trust Awards were presented last night at some swanky do in central London which I didn't have the privilege to attend. For a full list of the award winners and a recap of the evening's events go to the Bloghorn website.

But I guess what we're really interested in (or at least I know I am) are the Young Cartoonist of the Year winners and runners up. Check out the entries on the Cartoon Museum website (click on "The Awards"). I'm glad to see that the competition really was quite tough and that my fellow rivals produced some quality cartoons (not lame ones about synchronised swimmers grrr). The Under 30 winner's cartoon is hilarious and awesome. Kudos!

And the Under 18 entries are really funny. The dog bathing cartoon by the six year old is so cute! I want to post the cartoons up here but I'm afraid I'll be committing some sort of copyright infringement or something - so please go check them out!

PS - I'm glad they fixed up my lopsided caption!

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