Sunday, 4 October 2009

I'm from "Other"

So, I've been job hunting. It's been a bit quiet, so whilst my current agency is looking for jobs for me, I've decided to join another agency to increase my prospects. And to join another agency, I have to fill in lots of paperwork.

Now, one of the sections of the application form deals with the agency's 'Equal Opportunities Policy'. And "for the sole purpose of monitoring the Policy" I have to choose one of the following:
  • White (British; European; or Other)
  • Asian (Bangladeshi; British; Indian; Pakistani; or Other)
  • Black (African; British; Caribbean; European; or Other)
It took me a while to decide which box to tick. I'm still not sure if I selected the correct option. I mean seriously, there are just a few things that need tweaking with this question. First of all, what exactly does this 'Equal Opportunities Policy' hope to achieve? I mean, shouldn't they be treating all candidates equally? Why do they need to find out what race we are? What's the point?

Secondly, why is their "Asian" option so limited? Am I even considered Asian? At least chuck in an "Oriental" option. And why the hell am I called "oriental" anyway? It seems so archaic and dated. It makes me want to put on a kimono and wave a fan about. Oh, and now that you've got me on this particular train of thought (riding the Oriental Express no doubt), what the hell is "Oriental" flavoured food. Like "Oriental" flavoured soups, instant noodles, crisps etc. I mean, are they meant to taste like soy sauce? Perhaps sweet and sour? Maybe hoisin sauce? Or plum sauce? Are they meant to taste like sichuan peppers or lime juice or coconut cream or preserved tofu or wasabi or shitake mushrooms or fish sauce? How the hell can you reduce the myriad of different possible flavours, spanning an array of different countries and cultures, down into one particular, all encompassing flavour. God, it pisses me off. It's just plain idiocy.

Anyway, to get back to my application form, I decided to tick the "Other" option under "Asian". Even though they probably now think I'm Sri Lankan or something. It's their own fault. And where exactly does my nationality fit in? I'm Australian. Does that mean I'm an "Other Other Asian"? And don't get me started on my Malaysian heritage either. I'm not trying to be damn politically correct or picky, but seriously, how the hell do you expect someone to fill in this form properly. I mean, it's about equal opportunities for goodness sake. How much more ironic can you get? A racist equal opportunities question? Ha!

Anyway, as long as they get me a job, they can ask me as many irrelevant and racially offensive questions as they like.


Wawajiejie said...

I thought when they say Equal Opps, they shouldnt even ask for gender let alone what you've blog!

Ed said...

haha i agree! the first question was on gender btw :P

Wawajiejie said...

Where are you? I supposed you're NOT on the biggest island in the world, otherwise you wouldnt be ranting this issue