Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Because When I Go To Italy, I Want To Eat Fried Rice & Lemon Chicken

By Edwin Tan (c) 2009

So this happened in St Marks Square in Venice, Italy.

I'm not exactly sure what this guy was expecting. There are a few possibilities:

1) I am a local and know about the various restaurants in the vicinity.
Sorry, but I'm a tourist like yourself. Tip - local people tend not to carry a camera, city map and torn out pages from a Lonely Planet guidebook around with them. Bigger tip - I'm Asian.

2) I'm Asian so I obviously know where the Chinese restaurants are in any given city in the world.
First off, good work on picking up on the fact that I'm Asian. Second, I'm afraid I left my copy of "International Chinese Restaurant Listings 2009" at home. Oh wait, maybe you thought I don't actually need a book and that I just naturally know where the Chinese restaurants are situated? Like by instinct? Like all I have to do is detect the faint scent of sweet and sour pork in the air and hence locate all Chinese restaurants within a 10 mile radius? No.

3) I own/am related to someone who owns a Chinese restaurant nearby.
Again, apologies. I'm afraid I don't own a Chinese restaurant in the city that I am visiting. I also don't have any relatives who own Chinese restaurants in the city that I am visiting. Well, I mean I might be related to someone who owns a Chinese restaurant in Venice. I just never really bothered to find out. Heck, maybe I'll discover a long lost half-cousin twice removed or something! What an inspirational story that would be. I'm sure it would feature on Oprah and inspire her to hand out free automobiles to people in the audience.

The possibilities seem endless. Oh well, I guess we'll never really know.

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