Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Spot the Asian!

In this week's Spot the Asian, we swing by Ramsay St and drop in on some Neighbours.

Hany Lee aka "Sunny Lee"

I don't usually watch Neighbours, so I have no idea what's going on (I think Bridget died? And I have no idea where Harold Bishop's gone to). But I happened to tune into tonight's episode and to my delight, discovered they've brought in a new Asian actor since I've been away! Exciting news! Hany Lee, the 17 year old Australian-Korean who plays "Sunny Lee", made her Neighbours and Australian television debut in April this year (apparently in response to criticism that Neighbours was "too white" (so true!)). Her character is some sort of Korean foreign-exchange student and she's living with the Kennedys whilst Rachel's away in London. Oh, and apparently she's "caused a stir and has struck up a relationship with Zeke Kinski, much to the disapproval of Karl Kennedy!" Oh no she di'n't! You go girl!

Let's hope she sticks around long enough for some decent character development. (Ha!)

(Apologies to those readers who think this post is 4 months too late)

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