Friday, 28 November 2008

You alright then?

Yay! Friday night! Woo! No work tomorrow! I can have a lie in (sleep in)! Yay!
So I've been really tired the last few days - this week's been busy and has just flown by really fast. I've also had trouble sleeping at night...I think it's a combination of too much tea (I'm in England - duh), housemates' leaving and coming home at odd times (Din's been working the late shift and so has the other guy next door), alarm clocks going off really early in the morning (one goes off at 6:00am another at 6:30am then mine at 7:40am) and general stimulation before bed (using the net, planning trips, drawing cartoons etc). Anyway, I'm really exhausted now. But I guess I should let you guys know a bit about how the whole J issue is going.
So basically, he's become less gregarious. He's more quieter at work and he hasn't used my internet for the last two days. I kinda told him I was tired and I didn't want him to come over. So that worked (Go me!). And then last night he said he was going to watch TV in the foyer and he wouldn't come over. Fine. So that's all worked out. But of course I have these slight feelings of guilt. Whatever.
He pisses people off so much though. Like, for example, he pissed me off last night. It was five o'clock and most people were heading off home. I had just gone to the loo and headed back to the dispensary to check if there was anything else to do. There was another urgent script to be dispensed, so I stayed back to help dispense it whilst T labelled. I ended up leaving at 5:15pm. Anyway, as I was leaving the pharmacy, I turned the corner and there's J sitting in the waiting area. I smile at him and give him a "Hey". Before I know what's happening he says in an annoyed voice, "Why are you wasting time in there? I've been sitting waiting for you?" I was like...WTH? I was in there helping out you inconsiderate prick. I explain to him that it's customary to help out and that you don't always finish at exactly five o'clock on the dot. He's still sore at me. Screw him. I was really, really annoyed at him. My voice was practically straining. What annoyed me was that i had to actually defend myself, as if I'd done something wrong. WTH? It's not like I'd asked him to wait for me. Geez.
Then he's all like, "But I asked you if you needed help with the script and you said you were alright." I'm like, that was a different script. This was another script - a late script that was needed urgent. Geez, I had to explain myself like ten times and reduce it into simple English for him. Gah!
So I was really annoyed at him but we had to walk back together anyway.
Another thing that annoys me and which he used to do all the time when he first started was every two seconds he'd ask you "Are you alright?". That really pisses me off when people ask me that repeatedly. I know that's how people ask "How are you?" in England, but it keeps making me think that there's something wrong with me. And the fact that he kept saying it over and over so that it lost all meaning annoyed me even more. What made it even more irritating was, after you'd said "Yes, I'm fine", he'd go and ask, "Are you sure?". Like what the hell? I just said I was fine. What makes you think I made a mistake or that I doubt my own ability to tell if I'm ok. Hell, if you want to know the truth...I'm not fine. And if you wanna know why I'm not fine it's because of your stupid, repetetive dumb-arse questions!
Anyway, I've noticed that over the last few days he's been saying it less. And whenever I ask him "You alright then?" He says, "I'm trying to be alright." Ha! That's a laugh.
So it's not just me he's pissed off. He's also pissed off M (he keeps asking to read his paper even whilst he's reading it - and when asked why he didn't buy his own newspaper, J even pretended not to know how to buy a newpaper!), T (he blamed him for discarding a drug label so that the drug/expiry/batch couldn't be identified and so the drug had to be destroyed (this was an antiretroviral which cost around 1000GBP) even though it was J himself who had chucked out the label), P (he keeps bugging her with dumb questions and asking her to do things for him), D (with his annoying call outs for checking and telling him he will "pay 'homage' to him because he's 'an old man'"), S (for stuffing up the hatch) and even R (for asking annoying questions and acting naive).
So, as you can see, I'm not the only one having issues with him. Everyone bitches so much about him. But I think he's caught on. Hence his gradual withdrawal and quietness. He's also gone to London for the weekend so I didn't have to see him tonight (thank god!).
And thus ends the "J" era - I think I handled myself rather nicely. Now there's just a slight awkwardness and shifting of eyes. But I still ask him, "You alright then?" with a slight smirk - knowing that he is secretly broken inside.

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